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Maintenance Request Form

Please enter your name, apartment number, contact phone number, contact e-mail address, specific information on your maintenance item and what weekday would work best for you. (if no day specific, maintenance items will be completed within two (2) business days).

Emergency Maintenance Pager:

Emergency Maintenance Pager:
Maintenance is an emergency if after office hours you find one of the following: – No usable bathroom (if there are 2 bathrooms and 1 can be used, leave a message at the phone number or e-mail address above, maintenance will be out the following business day to make repairs) – No heat with outdoor temperatures below 46 degrees (or indoor temperatures are below 52 degrees) – No air conditioner when outdoor temperatures are above 85 degrees (or indoor temperatures are above 80 degrees) – No electricity (not due to power outage or electric shut off due to non-payment – An active water leak that is not weather related – A broken front door lock that inhibits safety (cannot exit, enter or secure your home; if locked out due to lost key, contact a locksmith after office hours).
If you have a maintenance emergency during office hours, please contact the office via the phone number or e-mail address above, after office hours (listed below): Call (502) 478-0481; you will be prompted to leave your number after the beep, followed by three quick beeps. After the three beeps, enter the 10 digit phone number where you can be reached (starting with area code) then press #, you will be contacted at the number you input.