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Individual Application for Rental – $45 Application Fee – Non-refundable

Prospective Resident Screening Information

Tanyard Park Apartments does business in accordance with the Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Laws and does not discriminate against any person based on race, gender, religion, color, familiar status, national origin or ancestry, mental or physical disability, status as a student, marital status, sexual orientation or age.

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Do Not Complete the Application unless you meet ALL of the Minimum Criteria (application will be automatically rejected for any of the following):
1) Applicant must be a legal adult, age eighteen (18) or older.
2) Applicant must have a valid Social Security Number or legal visa to reside in the United States throughout the entire term of the lease contract.
3) If more than one (1) applicant, at least one applicant must have a current source of income (disability, social security or other source that cannot be garnished. If not, a co-signer, with excellent credit and a collectable source of income is required)
4) Application will be denied, if any applicant (adult to reside on the property) has been convicted of any felony for charges related to violence, sex and/or drug manufacturing or distribution within the U.S., at any time.
5) Application will be denied, if any applicant (adult to reside on the property) has outstanding or current, evictions / collections from any landlord, management company and/or apartment community within the U.S. (a resident information request form may be required if information from landlord(s) is needed to evaluate rental risk.)
6) No adult individual can be currently under a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
7) New (as of 7/26/17) the scoring has changed to a range from 200 – 800. This is a rental score and does not correlate directly with a credit score. To be a Guarantor or Co-signer must have at least a 675 AND a collectable source of income (see 3).

You may now fully complete the application. If the item does not apply to you; write N/A on that line and complete the next line. The application MUST be signed by the person the application is for. You will need to show a photo ID at the time it is turned in OR, if you are not personally turning in the application, the signature must be notarized by a Notary Public.

The information on your application will be entered via a secure online server to First Advantage SafeRent. The following components will be used to come up with your score: 1) Experian Credit Report: 2) Criminal / Court Background Check; 3) Rental / Mortgage History Verification; 4) Work History; 5) Income Verification.

A co-signer or guarantor must have a collectable source of income (social security, disability and pensions cannot be collected against and are therefore do not qualify); have Excellent Credit & be over 21.
*a co-signer is defined as someone who does not reside on the property. A co-signer will not be evicted but may face collections and will be one of the parties held legally responsible if amounts are due from the residents.
**A guarantor is the primary resident regardless of whether they choose to reside on the property. They are subject to both eviction and collections if applicable.

If the item does not apply to you; write "N/A" on that line and complete the next line.

New ResidentRoommateCo-signerGuarantor


Personal Information:

Current Information:

Prior Address: (must complete if at current address for less than two (2) years)

Vehicle Information: Only two (2) vehicles per apartment. Each vehicle must fit into one (1) parking space.

Employment: (If Self-employed, Applicant Must Submit Proof of Income with Application)

Prior Employment: (List if you have been on your current job less than 2 years)

List Other Persons to Reside in Apartment: (Include age/school attending of all children. Cannot exceed two (2) people per bedroom. Any person over the age of 18 at time of lease or renewal must fill out a separate application.)



Personal Reference: (age 21 or older; not anyone who will reside in the apartment)



Pet Information: (Non -Refundable Pet Fee per pet & $35 per month, per pet added to rent. Pets must be approved and a photograph of each animal must be provided to the office. Limit of two (2) approved pets per apartment.)



In Case of Emergency Please Notify: (not anyone who would reside in the apartment)


Rental History: Click “Yes” or “No” for each of the items below:

Have you or any other person who will be residing in the apartment:

Been evicted or asked to move out of a dwelling?

Moved out of a dwelling before the end of the signed lease term without the consent of the owner / landlord or management of the dwelling?

Had a roommate / landlord / manager sue for amounts owed related to a previous residence?

Declared bankruptcy?

Owed money to any landlord due to property damage?

Criminal History: Click “Yes” or “No” on the line of the items below:

Have you, or any other person who will be residing in the apartment full or part time:

Been charged, detained or arrested for a felony offense that was resolved by conviction, probation deferred adjudication, court ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion?

Been charged, detained or arrested for any sexual offense that was resolved by conviction, probation deferred adjudication, court ordered community supervision, pretrial diversion or is still unresolved?

Been charged, detained or arrested for a charge related to illegal drugs that was resolved by conviction, probation deferred adjudication, court ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion?

Been charged with a violent felony?

If any of the above are marked “Yes”, please list the location, type and date of any of the above other than those resolved by dismissal or acquittal, as well as any explanation you wish for us to take into account. We may require more information before approving your application.


Correct Information: (Please Read Carefully)
Applicant certifies that all of the above information is true and complete, and hereby authorizes verification of this information, references and credit record, and hereby releases all parties from any and all liability for any damage(s) that may result from furnishing this information or any pertinent information, be it personal or otherwise. Contacts, including Emergency and work contact information may be used to communicate with an applicant. Applicant acknowledges that false, incomplete, or misleading information, or failing to produce requested documents, forms, or other papers, herein may be grounds for refusal or grounds for termination of any subsequent lease after approval. Furthermore agrees to inform management within seven (7) days of any change of information either during the approval process or once the applicant becomes a resident. Applicant understands that other applications may be or may have been received and the management reserves its right to approve the most suitable applicant based on the above information or information that it may acquire during the approval process. Applicant also understands that this application in no way reserves the apartment(s) applied for or constitutes any priority status and/or pre-approval. Applicant acknowledges that approval may take up to five (5) regular business days and it is his/her responsibility to contact Tanyard Park Apartments for status. Applicant acknowledges that the credit check fee and application fee are non-refundable and that Tanyard Park Apartments reserves the right to refund the deposit, and rent to the next qualified applicant. In order to be approved, more information from employer and / or previous landlord / management may be required. APPLICATION FEES, DEPOSITS & RENTS PAID TO RESERVE AN APARTMENT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF, AFTER APPROVAL, APPLICANT DECIDES NOT TO EXERCISE THE RESERVATION. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Current Landlord Selection Criteria is available for viewing in the office upon request. Copies of the current Landlord Selection Criteria will be provided, upon request, for $1.00 per printed page (or side of page).

I, the applicant, certify that I have read, understand, and Agreed to and with the above statement.